„The growing demands resulting from IT regulation are transparent enough - the challenge lies in implementing efficient, adequate and functioning responses“

Andreas Schick, Senior Partner, zeb



IT Regulation

Sound knowledge of IT regulation: an indispensable asset!

The increasing technologization of financial service providers, the disruption of the value chain, the development of platform economies, new (cloud) architectures – these are only some of the challenges banks’ IT units are facing. At the same time, the requirements for IT risk management and information security are changing – as evidenced by a growing number of requirements stemming from IT regulation.

On the one hand, this entails the need to meet the regulatory requirements effectively and efficiently, but on the other hand, it also generates the opportunity to further develop the IT strategy and the IT delivery model. 

With our 1-day course we bring you up to speed regarding IT regulation and provide you with essential answers on how to assess the current and future requirements, what current pain points there are from a practical and supervisory perspective, how to comply with BAIT or DORA to the supervisory authorities’ satisfaction and, last but not least, how to prepare for and communicate in external audits.

To operate successfully in the complex landscape of IT regulation, experts as well as executives should be equipped with a broad understanding of the regulatory requirements in IT.


Target audience

The course is aimed at employees in the financial services industry (FSI) at all hierarchical levels who either have management responsibility for the effective implementation of regulatory requirements for IT in their organization or who carry out the implementation themselves.

Experienced lecturers from the FSI ensure that the topics are taught in a comprehensive, practical and usable manner.


The 1-day seminar includes the following contents:

  • Development and classification of IT regulation – from KWG and MaRisk to BAIT, etc.

  • Comprehensive “technologization” of the financial services industry – challenges for IT and new CIO agenda

  • Process of supervisory inspections and typical findings – current pain points as observed by zeb.business school

  • Governance and cooperation in the context of IT regulation – governance within the institution and in interaction with external IT service providers

  • Further development of IT regulation – focus on cyber resilience and DORA

  • Preparation for supervisory meetings  – preliminary discussions, status quo and top 10 action items



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