Prospective senior banking excecutives and board members must have wide-ranging knowledge, skills and experience related to bank management and corporate leadership.“

Dr. Dirk Holländer, Senior Partner, zeb



Upskilling for senior banking executives (Preperation for fit and proper tests) 

Everything you need to know to take the helm of a financial institution!

As a senior banking executive or board member, you need the wide-ranging knowledge, capabilities and experience required to manage your institution and control key risks.

In this training program, you will acquire the skills you need to manage financial service providers. It also provides you with further proof of your ability in the BaFin certification process. So far, all participants in our training have been accredited at the end.


The requirements for a training program of this kind are highly individual and depend heavily on your personal knowledge and career to date. Maybe you are a prospective senior banking executive and may soon have to prove your suitability to a supervisory authority? Perhaps you have been instructed to complete your set of skills in certain key areas only? Or maybe you already have a broad range of bank controlling skills and would like to further educate yourself in risk and leadership culture to prepare for your new role?

The requirements vary so widely that we do not offer a standardized webinar series as a preparation for fit and proper tests. What we offer is a highly personalized learning journey that is specifically tailored to your training needs.


Target audience

The training is intended for specialists and executives from credit institutions, insurance companies and investment undertakings who want to prepare themselves for taking on senior management tasks.


The contents are determined and individually agreed upon after an assessment center.

For instance, a recent training program for a new senior executive included the following content:

  • Profitability management, present value calculations, P&L effects, ROI analysis, product design, and impact on balance sheet and P&L
  • CRR, SREP, liquidity risk, current developments, especially with regard to ESG reporting requirements
  • Risk measurement using VaR conceps, risk-bearing capacity and risk allocation
  • Periodic and present value interest rate risk, cash flow generation, importance of savings/ demand deposits, strategic ALM orientation
  • Credit risk management: credit risk models such as CPV, CreditRisk+, CreditMetrics, rating methods, Powerstat, credit portfolio management, credit premium calculation

For more detailed information or a quote, please contact us.

Dominik Englisch, phone: +49.251.97128.435


The format can be arranged individually: on-premises, online or in hybrid format.

We adapt to your needs and your daily work routine.




The amount of time depends on the result of the assessment center.

Typically, the scope is 7-12 days and depends on prior knowledge.

Training can be provided en bloc or spread over any period of time


Before the start of the training measure, we will have a detailed discussion with you to determine your personal training needs. In this context, we will use the scientifically proven zeb Competence Radar, which addresses all relevant skills of a business leader. Based on this, we will create your personal learning journey in collaboration with you.

If you already have specific indications of skills you still require proof of, then we will of course focus on these. The assessment is free of charge and forms the basis for the detailing and pricing of the training measure.