“The professional suitability of supervisory board members is coupled to the need for continuous further training to recognize changed or increasing requirements in a timely manner and to respond appropriatly.

Dominik Englisch



Advanced and deep-dive coaching for supervisory board members

As a member of a supervisory board in the financial services or insurance industry, you have to continuously develop your skills in order to successfully cooperate with senior management in a dynamic environment.

We believe that the lifelong learning requirements for supervisory board members are specific to each individual and depend heavily on your career, personal experience and the company you supervise. You may want an update on new regulatory requirements so that you can properly advise your institution in light of future pressure to change? Or perhaps you want to understand what strategic impact sustainability has on the business model of the institution you supervise? Likewise, you may want to reflect on culture and risk culture and understand how they can be influenced?

Against this backdrop, we offer a customized learning journey as part of the continuing education of supervisory board members, which is entirely geared to your needs. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate to help you prove your skills to the supervisory authorities.


Target audience

The coaching is aimed at individuals looking for a customized educational program for taking on supervisory board positions at a financial services provider or insurer.


The contents are determined and individually agreed upon after an initial assessment of professional suitability. Feel free to contact us! As an example, a supervisory board member of a financial services provider was recently trained in the following topics:

  • Banking regulations – update and outlook (normative and economic risk-bearing capacity, Basel IV, etc.)
  • Sustainable finance and reporting (CSRD, Supply Chain Act, sustainable products and best practice)
  • Modern leadership (new work concepts, agile methods, ambidextry in organizations, etc.)
  • Management of non-financial risks (operational risk, cyber risk, strategic risk, etc.)
  • Accounting and compliance (IDW BFA3, anti-money laundering, etc.)

For more detailed information or a quote, please contact us.

Dominik Englisch, phone: +49.251.97128.707


The format can be selected individually: on-prem at zeb, on-prem at the institution, online or in a hybrid format. We adapt to your needs and your daily work routine.


The amount of time depends on the outcome of the assessment and is based on prior knowledge and the company to be supervised.
Training can be provided en bloc or spread over any period of time.

Assessment of professional suitability

Before the start of the training measure, we will have a detailed discussion with you to determine your personal training needs. In this context, we will use the scientifically proven zeb Competence Radar, which addresses all relevant skills of a business leader. Based on this, we will create your personal learning journey in collaboration with you.

If you already have specific indications of skills you still require proof of (e.g. following an initial BaFin interview), then we will of course focus on these. The assessment is free of charge and forms the basis for the detailing and pricing of the training measure.