Supervisory board members must be able to adequately monitor and control the company's management and actively support the company's development. This requires wide-ranging business and strategic skills.“

Dr. Saskia Hohe, Partnerin, zeb



Onboarding für Aufsichts- &

As a member of the supervisory board of a financial services provider or insurance company, you have to meet the supervisory authorities’ extensive requirements regarding skills and expertise. You should be able to fully understand the business conducted by the company to be supervised, assess the associated risks and at the same time actively support and shape the company’s development.

This requires both extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of regulatory law, compliance, risk management, accounting, corporate management and strategy development, as well as an eye for the future development of the financial services industry as a whole.

In our crash course “Onboarding for Supervisory Board Members”, we provide you with precisely this knowledge and make you fit for taking on the responsible position of a supervisory board member at insurers and financial service providers in just two days. At the end of this crash course, you will receive a certificate of completion to help you prove your skills to the supervisory authorities.


Target audience

The course is aimed at people who aspire to a supervisory board position with a financial services provider / insurer or who want to further educate themselves in an open course against the backdrop of existing supervisory board mandates.


In our two-day crash course “Onboarding for Supervisory Board Members”, we teach you the following module components:

  • Regulatory law & requirements (including CRR/CRD, Solvency, SREP)

  • Basics of supervisory bodies (including rights and duties of supervisory bodies)

  • Banking, insurance & building societies (including business model specifics, key products)

  • Risk management & compliance (including major risk types, risk management tasks)

  • Financial reporting (including international and national accounting principles)

  • Megatrends & strategy (incl. sustainable finance, AI and digitalization in banking and insurance)


€ 4,990 


Open course

Attendance at zeb or online


2 days – 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

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