DLT & Digital Assets: steps towards integration in financial institutions

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In-depth knowledge about integrating DLT & digital assets into the organizational and operational structure of a financial institution

Our consulting experience shows that, depending on the target picture envisaged, almost all areas of a financial institution – be it front, middle or back office – are facing new tasks. So it is all the more important to build up in-depth knowledge of the additional efforts and (regulatory) requirements in order to be able to benefit from more efficient and automated processes as well as a compelling service offering. This certificate is meant to enable participants to transform operational processes (cost-)efficiently in the medium to long term.

The establishment of DLT-based business models and service offerings that provide for product development, sales and settlement of digital assets has various implications for the organizational and operational structure of financial institutions. In addition to new business processes that must comply with regulatory requirements, new organizational units or roles are frequently also required to take care of the implementation of these processes. Moreover, existing operational processes are expanded to include new technology or financial instruments.

Learning objectives

Specifically, the “DLT & Digital Assets Professional Level” certificate enables participants to understand the aspects presented in the sub-seminars listed below and to apply them in the daily operations of a financial institution. Participants gain fundamental knowledge of DLT / digital assets at the interface to financial services.

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts from the DLT / digital assets industry during their presentations and discussions of case studies.

Target group

The program is intended for specialists and executives from the financial services industry, both in institutional and retail banking, in asset management and risk management, primarily from credit institutions and investment undertakings, who want to drive sustainable change in their companies.



Seminar content:

Pre-read in preparation

  • Summary of the main contents of the preceding DLT & Digital Assets certificates (in PDF format)



Sub-seminar 1 – DLT & DA and regulatory requirements

  • Categorization of crypto assets based on regulatory requirements

  • Digital asset transactions subject to licensing

  • Capital requirements for digital assets

  • Dynamic equity management and financial planning

  • Liquidity planning



Sub-seminar 2 – Integration of DLT & DA into risk management

  • Impact of digital assets on risk-bearing capacity

  • Determination of risk appetite when integrating DLT & DA

  • RWA management

  • Assessing the market risk of digital assets

  • Assessing operational and other risks in the context of DLT & DA

  • Requirements arising from new crypto-specific regulations (including MiCAR, DLT pilot regime)

  • Requirements from overarching regulatory requirements for crypto business models (including MaRisk)

  • New product process pursuant to MaRisk



Sub-seminar 3 – Integration of DLT & DA in compliance & anti-money laundering

  • KYC obligations under the German Money Laundering Act (GwG) and the German Crypto Asset Transfer Regulation (KryptoWerteTransferV)

  • Monitoring obligations in the context of AML for DLT & DA business models

  • Relevant compliance issues (including fraud risks)

  • Role of the compliance officer in the context of DLT & DA



Sub-seminar 4 – Integration of DLT & DA into regulatory reporting

  • Presentation of KPIs relevant for reporting

  • Integration of reporting on DLT & digital assets into existing COREP framework

  • MiCAR- and BCBS-specific reporting requirements



Sub-seminar 5 – Integration of DLT & DA into IT management & BCM

  • Technical solutions as a prerequisite for a successful DLT & Digital Assets business model

  • Alignment of new DLT & DA business models with IT strategy

  • Separation of client funds via omnibus solutions

  • BCM issues in the context of DLT & DA


Each sub-seminar can also be booked individually. Feel free to contact us!




Qualification: DLT & Digital Assets Professional Level, Certificate of Basic Studies (CBS) of zeb.business school, Steinbeis University

Duration: 5 classroom sessions / webinars of 1-4 hrs each plus self-study

Participation: In-house (single event) or cross-institutional classroom training

Study location: Classroom training in Berlin, Münster and all zeb office locations, e.g. London, Zurich, Vienna, etc. / Online courses also available

Prerequisites: None

4999,00 EUR
Single book
4999,00 EUR