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Aligning my team for success: from strategic objectives to specific and measurable results (Part 1)

Interactive live webinar

Activate an entire team, elicit top performance and increase your employees’ motivation by applying this proven format.

In a small group, you will acquire new skills in various training formats with plenty of room for networking and sharing best-practice approaches.

Note: This module (as well as Part 2) builds on the content of the first three modules in this topic area. Individually booking this module without the prior knowledge gained in those modules is not recommended.

Learning objectives

Focus on the team:

  • Success factors of sustainable team development

  • Presentation of an evaluated sustainable approach

  • The paradigms and success drivers of the self-efficacy process

  • Developing ambitious goals with the team – approach, opportunities and challenges

  • From goal setting to goal achievement – big steps vs. microsteps

Target group

Executives who want to tackle previously unattainable goals with their team and activate the potential of each team member.


Price: €299