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Achieving goals through motivating and effective leadership

Interactive live webinar

Fulfilling a modern leadership role means implementing corporate goals, motivating employees and shaping transformation. Based on a modern coaching approach to leadership, our business coaches will teach you how to increase consistency and effectiveness while motivating employees to join in and engage with the goals.

In a small group, you will acquire new skills in various training formats with plenty of room for networking and sharing best-practice approaches.

Learning objectives
  • Importance of leadership and identification with your own leadership role
  • Relationships between motivation and motives or demotivators
  • Requirements for an authoritative leader
  • Reflecting your leadership style: recognizing your leadership patterns and thereby better understanding employees’ behavior
  • Increasing commitment by means of agreements, rules and consequences
Target group

Modern executives who want to measurably increase their leadership effectiveness, consolidate and develop their leadership styles, and build a cross-institutional network.


Price: €299