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ESG Crash Course

Live webinar with optional in-person participation
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ESG Foundation Certificate

ESG knwoledge in brief

We get to the heart of sustainability. Discuss with us and the other participants the relevant fields of action, the potential challenges in practical implementation and how they can be solved.

Build up comprehensive knowledge and skills regarding sustainability which you can put into practice in your company.

Learning objectives

ESG megatrend

  • Basics of sustainable action: importance of sustainability | economic importance
  • Regulatory ESG basics: importance of banks for the transformation of the economy | business model risks
  • Importance of ESG for the financial industry: basic knowledge of regulations | taxonomy | ESG scoring/rating | basic logic of ESG risk impact | ESG scoring structure of banks | comparison of rating/scoring models
  • ESG opportunities along the value chain: overview and best practice for corporate bankers


ESG strategy for credit institutions

  • ESG and sustainability as an integrative concept (definition according to ISO standards, ESG dimensions, ESG along the value chain, ESG management approaches, e.g. “green controlling”)
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), reporting with the Sustainability Code
  • Sustainable business model innovations – learning from sustainable start-ups
  • From sustainability strategies to operationalization


Marketing and sales management for sustainability

  • Change in the demand structure for financial products
  • Starting points for sustainability in the marketing mix of financial products
  • Sustainable branding
  • Design of sustainable products & integration into sales management | best practice


Green Finance and sustainable asset management

  • "Stranded assets" and Green Deal: funding the transition towards climate neutrality
  • Regulatory intervention by the EU in the financial markets and its consequences
  • Sustainable investments | integration of sustainability into asset management
  • ESG ratings | EU regulations: taxonomy regulation, transparency regulation, national and international standard-setters’ requirements
  • Screening approaches
  • Sustainability and the impact on market pricing


ESG in integrated performance and risk management: climate, carbon and other risks

  • Differentiation between transition risks and physical risks
  • Climate value at risk | integration of carbon risks into risk management
  • Regulatory requirements: BaFin Guidance Notice, ECB guide on climate-related and environmental risks | sustainability risks, etc.
  • Integrated performance and risk management: integration of sustainability into the organization | client sustainability check | sustainability in the deposit business | ESG rating for loans and own investments | sustainability pricing | measuring and managing sustainability risks


Target group

The program is intended for specialists and executives in corporate and retail banking, asset management and risk management, primarily from credit institutions, insurance companies and investment undertakings, who want to drive sustainable change in their companies.

3999 EUR
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3999 EUR