The Mindset Navigator platform’s MIA module is a revolutionary online learning platform for companies wishing to develop a digital mindset. The Mindset Navigator platform puts an end to “scattergun learning” in companies. Instead, it offers user-centric customized learning to acquire a digital mindset and digital skills. The starting point for the individualized and customized learning offer is a scientifically valid status quo assessment by means of special diagnostics for a digital mindset and digital skills. 

The Mindset Navigator platform uses AI-based algorithms to provide users with tailored content (videos, podcasts, texts, reflection sessions) that is appropriate for their digital mindset and learning progress. These algorithms analyze the result of the diagnostics, thereby developing a learning path that is tailored to the user’s specific needs. This ensures that employees derive the greatest possible benefit from their learning experiences, achieve maximum learning transfer, and thus develop their digital mindset and digital skills to maximum effect.

MIA boot camps are learning paths on topics under the headings of digital transformation and digital mindset. From the essential basics and future skills for mastering digital transformation to the most relevant changes in the world of work, important foundations are laid for successful everyday work. To ensure long-term knowledge acquisition, the innovative micro-learning approach is used, which means that learning takes place for a maximum of 30 minutes per day. In addition, MIA analyzes learning behavior and adapts the content so that it is perfectly tailored to the user. 


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