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CSP Radar

Public interest in whether companies are assuming social and environmental responsibility is growing. The online radar for Corporate Social Performance, or CSP Radar for short, helps companies to define scientifically derived fields of action and validated KPIs for their own sustainability reporting. Users receive a free personal CSP Radar as well as a CSP scorecard which can be used as a template for sustainability reports.

Non-compliance with public expectations regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR) and performance (CSP) poses significant reputational risks for companies. Unclear rules and standards also lead to uncertainty as to what information must be published in order to create maximum transparency regarding one’s own CSR activities. Since April 2021, the requirements have been somewhat clearer, at least on the part of the EU: selected companies must prepare a sustainability report as part of their management report for fiscal year 2023. This should show both sustainability-relevant effects resulting from the company’s operations and external effects of sustainability on the company. Organizations concerned must therefore decide by the end of 2022 which key figures are to be collected and how they are to be reported.

The free online tool CSP Radar, developed by the zeb.business school at Steinbeis University and sponsored by the Funk Foundation, provides valuable assistance in this context. In just a few steps, users can define fields of action for their own sustainability reporting and link them to relevant key figures. The selection of the fields of action is derived from an AI-based text analysis and ratings by experts; the assigned 81 KPIs are based on globally available key figures from rating agencies and government bodies.

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